Intelligence & Research (INR), United States Bureau of

Intelligence & Research (INR), United States Bureau of

The Bureau of Intelligence & Research (INR) is a unit of the U.S. State Department tasked with providing intelligence to department policymakers. As the major State Department component of the U.S. intelligence community, it holds a unique position, as most intelligence organizations are affiliated, either directly or by association, with the Department of Defense (DOD). In addition to its intelligence work, INR is involved in a number of geographic issues, from studying boundaries to encouraging geographic learning among U.S. students.

Established in 1946, INR assists the Secretary of State with timely assessments of international events through value-added independent analysis. It is the job of INR to ensure that intelligence activities support not only national security purposes (traditionally the topmost priority of DOD) but also foreign policy, a much greater concern for State. Although its principal customer is the State Department, INR also supplies its services to the White House, National Security Council, DOD, and other agencies within the intelligence community.

The 19 offices of INR are a reflection of the geographic and functional bureaus within the Department of State. INR employs some 300 persons, of whom about 75 percent are members of the civil service, with the remainder from the Foreign Service. These personnel speak and/or read a total of 36 languages, and 71 percent have postgraduate degrees. The average INR analyst has spent 13 years studying the country in which he or she is tasked. In addition to monitoring incoming traffic, INR analysts continually work to integrate data and insights into their ongoing analysis of overseas situations.

Additionally, INR has specialists concerned with analyzing international boundary issues and disputes. With its emphasis on geographic learning, INR has been a leading proponent of geography education for American students. On the Internet, it maintains its Geographic Learning Site for students from kindergarten through high school.



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