Defense Information Systems Agency, United States

Defense Information Systems Agency, United States

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has the responsibility of planning, developing, and supporting the C4 (command, control, communications, and computers) and information systems that serve the president of the United States and other national leaders. DISA is also responsible for Department of Defense (DOD) telecommunications and information processing facilities and systems. Included among the latter are the Global Command and Control System, or GCCS.

DISA was established in 1960 as the Defense Communications Agency. Overseen directly by the assistant secretary of defense for Command, Control, Communications (C3) and Intelligence, the agency serves the needs of the president, the vice president, the secretary of defense, the joint chiefs of staff, combatant commanders, and other DOD components under all conditions of both peace and war. As the agency responsible for maintaining defense information infrastructure, DISA ensures that this infrastructure will be interoperable with theater and tactical command and control systems, with the C4 systems of allied nations, and with any other national or international systems relevant to the DISA mission. Furthermore, DISA supports the National Communications System (NCS) in its national security emergency preparedness telecommunications functions.

Among the information and communication systems DISA manages are the Defense Message System, the Defense Information Systems Network, the Global Combat Support Systems, the Common Operating Environment, and the Global Command and Control System (GCCS). GCCS is the nation's leading system for command and control of joint and coalition forces, and incorporates applications required by battlefield commanders to prepare and undertake military operations. Fielded at more than 625 sites globally, GCCS is networked through the highly secured private intranet of the DOD.



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